Friday, 4 May 2007

Some of my favourite photos 2 and final exams

Some of my favourite photos 2
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And another set of my faves. All toys and photos are so inspirational. Even the portraits of sheep and a lamb - their snouts are so cute and CUTENESS is a keyword for most of the toys I observe :)

Today Adam went to school to watch over student at their final exams. My sister, Justyna, is writeing her exams, too!!! Good luck, little sis!!!! I'm with her in my thoughts - she was working so hard ti pass it, and pass it well. I don't quite understand her idea to go to technical university and study computer sciences instead of graphic design, but maybe that's she who has right.

And today, as every week, I'll go to Lodz by train... Students are awaiting me tommorrow. My baby will have to manage all night long without soothing breastfeeding - recently she has some problems with sleeping. She seems to fights a lot: crawling , turning, placing her legs on me or her daddy. That's not funny actually, but -what to do? And after her breakfast she wants to nap for a while - like right now she's sleeping downstairs...

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