Friday, 4 May 2007

Matchbox Swap

Matchbox Swap
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Hm, that's a swap! huh, huh - so I'll have an EXCHANGE and that's a differnce, though not so big। When I see so many CUTE thing I know that I could not find them easyly. For me it's even better to make a softie and exchange it with trinlayk than to look for such truc. (I hope trinlayk won't be dissaponted that what we do is not a swap॥?)

Today Ada and I spent some time together with our friends on Dembowiec Hill. Beside four moms (one mom-to-be), there were three boys from 2 to 13 years and my little lady. She seemed to really enjoy it, especially when she was kissed by Voytek - unfortunately I took a picture a second later! Anyway, too late. Ada was thrilled by the presence of so many kids - she really wants to socialize and to imitate elders. To throw little stones in the hole - just like Voytek.

While children were having fun I was discussing with Malwina and Kate about the craddle. Once, in 1981 they both found a folk craddle - ready to be burn - saved it and now this very, very old cradle is traveling around Poland to serve new children. My Ada was 27th child since the rescue day. Every child's name is writen on side of undercarriage. People seem to love this piece of furniture and say "there is a legend in this craddle". I want to write an article about the second life of folk objects - that's ethnography for me!

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