Wednesday, 27 October 2010

(sniff) I'm touched

Lowcy Dizajnu expanding site about design, run by a tallented Pawel Rosner and associates, mentioned us, means Lalootka, saing that if only they had children, they would play with lalootka toys - isn't it cute? Lovely, Thank you very much! it's so nice to see lalootka little creatures among professional designers - that's more than a casual compliment :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Swinging moods of blogspot... For comforting - Fishcakes

Today my blog is trojan free.... fuffiness of blogspot amazes me, indeed. One day it's fine - another - it's not. But - who cares. I visit here once in a while (for this heck trojan thing that none of my computer scientists friends and family members understands and can stop).

To comfort myself in face of capricious blog space, I want to recall one of my favourites: Fishcakes by uber-tallented and endowed with a peculiar sense of humour Voz Perkins . I like her doodles since I saw them, quite some years ago, on flickr (yes, there was a time, when I was doing doodles myself....) Kid's Kitchen Set with an apron embroidered with her "I Cook" and "I Bake" monsters, and coordinated set of recipe cards is still the coolest cooking/ baking set ever.
(And I LOVE Mahar Drygoods for great taste for children's toys, accessories and costumes - I've taken the photo of Voz's kitchen set from their site - thank you)
The sketcheress produced a lot of goods for last two years - you can see them (and buy them) here and many other places, too.

"Stay for Lunch" series with her whimsical monsters looks delicious - I can't wait to see them in person.