Tuesday, 8 May 2007

24 h of Flickr and new stuffies

I joined the group "24 h of Flickr". The idea seemed funny and interesing for me: to make "a photo diary" of worldwide group just for this one day. Kinda flash mob. People have strong inclinations to such communities, I know. On May 5th I was travelling from Bielsko to Lodz, so I decided to make some photos connected with this travelling. When I came to my parent's house at 1.a.m. everybody were sleeping. Justyna's room was light up by Christmas-tree lamps, so I decided to fix this scene: Justyna sleeping, her cat by her side, and those little lamps over her head. She looks like Sleeping Beaty, holy image in the chapell - all together.

But it was few days ago. Yesterday, after coming back home, I started making new black plushie kitty for swap and finishing white bear. Girlie - bear. Her name is Sophie. She loves her nap time - she could sleep 12 h per day. I caught her in her night gown at 1 p.m.!
I should be blessing my travelling by train from Bielsko - Biala to Torun and back, because on my way back home I could finish this softie. She has pink ears and I'm planning to make a matching A-shape dress. Fabric comes from my skirt. For now she is wearing vintage baby shirt - 30 years old! - as a night gown.

Tony and Franky finally get new labels and went to their new houses. Two boys - 2 and 3 years old - are awaiting them. I hope bears will get acustomed to new environments soon and will be good. I'm quite satisfied with their labels. I like blue and orange together, so I made it in my favourite colours with a ribbon trim.

And today we went - with Ada - to our friend and former neighbour, Pani Malgosia. Ada enjoyed running in her garden and sniffing flowers. Pani Malgosia likes her very much since Ada was 3 days newborn - we lived in the same house then.

We bought a new computer at last. Adam and I we'll spent a little bit less time waiting in front of monitor for progress in work. But, I'm sure, a bit more time in flickr and ebay... hm...

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