Sunday, 20 May 2007

finger puppets.....

finger puppets
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Travelling last night from about 500 km by train, I did this set. If I can not sleep I sew. Set is not complete yet, if I want to have 10 puppets. Well, actually I did make complete set, but I gave a frog, another cat and bird - die Elster (I forgot the English name...) - I gave as gifts to my friends. The only pitty that I didn't photographed them before! :) Those little ones are not photographed either - I scanned them. Tommorrow I will make some photos to show details. Next thing is to make nice packages.

Or I won't make any photos tommorrow - usually, when I come back home Ada wants my constant attention and care and caresses for a day or two (or three). I understand that and I pitty her for every week lack of mother. But she has her daddy with her! (Will she be spoiled because of my felling guilty I leave her?)

Such gloomy mood I have because longing for Ada and after watching "Munich" movie by Spielberg. Eric Bana is really cute but story told in the film is completely unbelievable and ... insane! I really worry about the Middle East situation and how it influences us. Janusz Kaminski is great photographer - it's obvious especially in battle scenes.

Today there is a second day of photo festival here in Lodz and I saw some interesting exhibitions: "Piatek w centrum uwagi" about village of Piatek (Friday) - geographical centre of Poland. Very much anthropological project - mother asked me to write about it. It's great idea.
And I saw photos by Yann Arthus-Berthrand "The Earth from the sky". Beautiful photos, of course, but for me descriptions were even better - contras between the text and illustration was huge. But they should be shoking if they are going to awaken us. So much beauty in the world made me touched and sad, of course. What can I do to save it for Ada and other children? Uhm, I thing that this and the movie it was too much for me for one day....

Ok, I'll better go to sleep - I have a train to Bielsko-Biala at 6:07 a.m.

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Jess said...

Thanks for emailing me, and your finger puppets are really cute!