Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Fofys Package 1

Fofys Package 1
Originally uploaded by Carol Grilo.
Here ther is a photo of ordinary paper bags - at first sight. But Fofys Factory is Brasilian crafter, very talented and so dilligent! Unbelievalble. She is very inspiring for me... As many other artist and crafters on flickr, actually. On the other hand - she invests and she earns for new investments.
I already have a sketch for rubber - stamps. I love plain paper bags, and ordinary brown paper to stamp it, to draw on it, for making packages. It's so simple - and brings so many possibilities! It's even better than paper in colourful prints. All my softies I want to pack in such a paper - decorated or not.
Ok, I'll better finish writing and go to make some soup for my family and myself (I'm SOOO hungry!), they'll be going soon and then I'll prepare some sketches of kimono outfit. And make a schedule. It's gonna be busy month - at university: end of term, exams, students, I have to finish an article. And to teach Ada some new dumb show signs - untill she is too small to speak full sentences, dumb show helps her to communicate precisely. That's a "foreign" language, in a way.

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