Saturday, 26 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day in Poland. I should be writing about the conference I participated in last few days, in Sandomierz ("Praise of the Province" - wonderful), short visit to Krakow friend's (hillarious), swap (I received from Trinlay a kitty!!!!) or about my softies (some new and some news), but since Wednesday I missed my baby so much I want to write about her only.

That's her. - 17 month now, 10 teeth, some words, talkativeness and vivid expression, high spirit, running and playing all days long.
Tonight, when I came home after 7 hours trip, Adam opened the door for me, saying "do not be angry, but i've found something strange and beautiful, and could not help myself taking it with me". He loves to joke this way. We both were looking at her sleeping calmly in our bed with silly smiles of people in love. Though she should'n sleep in our bed! But after few days of longing I just had to smell her pure, innocent smell, feel her fluffy hair and to hear her saying "AM" which means "my milk source came at last and I want her to breastfeed me; where have you been mama?".

In the down left and down right corners of the photo below - Ada while 1 month. She was so fragile, and small.... I pitty I hadn't made some more documentary, foot or hands prints. I just keep some onesies of her first days. (Beside photos of Ada on the wall there are some photos of me and Adam, my parents and black cow of my production).
I know it is not connected with the subject, but I still keep a drawing by my sister Justyna that she'd made at 6 for mother - it was... 13 years ago!!! Gosh... No, there's a connection - Justyna was my baby then. I was 15 when she was born and I took care of her a lot! I feel this connection even now, but I know she has a mother. And so do I :) And now my little sister is finishing her high school.
Children's drawings are wonderful - it seems like all children are artist, and growing (or adults) take their talents from them. Justyna is not drawing or painting anymore though she made many EXCELLENT paintings, drawings (even some tiles in my parent's bathroom are decorated by her drawings). I hope Ada will follow her mother's way and keep drawing - she started recently from some sketches in dictionary....
Ada and her hero - the father. Beloved daddy, heehee. Sometimes I envy him - he's still with her when I'm away, travelling to work.... I should say - he is with her, but taking care of her lat in the evenings. His mother is taking care of her that days when I'm absent. And THAT makes me angry - recently Ada've learned to use chamber-pot regularly and to communicate her needs - and I was not here! She went to the shop to buy new booties - and she gave money to the shop-girl - and I was not here to see it! I can not resign from my position of lecturer at the university, I can't, when I want to be associate professor soon. But I can move to Torun with her...

I love to photograph her while sleeping. Calmness, cuteness, silence, and beauty. All children are like that, I know, but Ada seems to be the love of my life :)
I like her teeth - it looks so funny. I love her laughter - fortunately she'a laughing a lot.

I'm glad that I'm her mother - for sure. I do not want to remeber that I disliked children or rather were saying that: "I love children - with bacon and onion especially" :D Maybe someday I will have some more children (when I was teenager I wanted to have at least four children, sons, today - I changed my mind, girls are just as fine).

And Happy Mother's Day - mama!!!! I remember about you, dear and sent you all my spare love and lots of hugs and kisses.

But if I want any change in my life and in the world it's for Ada. That's the reason I get involved in charity or want to tribute someway in The One Campaigne. For One Race - Human Race.


K said...

You are so sweet and so is Ada. You express about motherhood so sincerely. I do hope you got my response to your lovely comments, via e mail. I am glad to have found you.
Happy Mother's Day Lalootka!!

lalootka said...

Yes, thank you k :) I did found at last - it was a real pleasure for me.
Take care!