Tuesday, 15 May 2007

ambush makeover

Miss June, one of our pets-friends, was suggested to take part in "ambush makeover". And she took part in it! I was not very excited by the idea, but result amazed me. So did her. And at result inflenced a big change in her life: now she is more optimistic than ever. Many creatures become to like her. Now she is changed - her appeal improved just a little bit, but what's more important, she doesn't have such a gloomy look as she used to have! Thanks goodness! :) It worke out great!!! Bit of lipstick and gloss, some more blush on her chicks, and new outfit, of course - and her we have a new girl! She still loves gardening, fortunately. But her new mood, smile and new self-confidence make her friends. And right after her blossoming into beautiful HARE (not bunny, hare) she has new aquitances: kitty, pigglet and butterfly. Now she seems to be happy at last, I'm happy for her! Miss June after little makeover - with her companions she is very active now, working all days and having fun in the evenigs. Now she has a social diary full.

I decided to change a bit my beloved June because I realized her look was rather gloomy, and not friendly. Then I stuffed her more (yes!), and resewed her arms, made a new apron with a large pocket for utensils or friends. She seems more kitchy, but Ada likes her more now and for me it's a sign that children prefer more smiling creatures than not.

Kitty for swap is almost ready.... But my banner for etsy shop is not. And I'm working on some stock for my new shop, actually. kazawaproject.com has new intro - DD made it clear that site is under construction. Better this than nothing.

Ada's learned new word "cytryna" - "lemon" and she speaks "ceenya". And she calls "babe" every child and young person she sees.

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