Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Some good design or wish list

Recently I've been thinking that Ada needs a special place to play hide and seek, to store her toys without danger of messing all the house and that we break our legs stepping on them. And actually, I think about cardboard house for her. My favourite one is the last one - I picked this photo from hereFrom the same site of juniorsociety.com I took the above set of knife, fork and spoon by Alessi - that's something to satisfy parent by the label and to stimulate child to eat - with such pals eating can be fun! I like Alessi - especially Stark's designs.... ehm.
Here there is a dogshark taken from blobby farm. Very pleasant critter. The uglier the better :)

And again - some photographs from < href="http://www.juniorsociety.com"> hear - but picked especially for the middle picture of hangings by the Eames couple. And the beutiful chair. I hate that I'm not computer experienced and I know NOT how to apply link into text - it's far too complicated for me now. So far I've learned how to change template, add links, photos and such. I'll learn - I promise myself. But all hangers are great - IKEA are cute also.
Winter Water Factory is company I like - I like the site for its friendly design, prints, accessories and outfits they make for children. Onesie with car is cool. Screenprint is cool, actually.
Toys made of paper are fantastic - Japans are real masters in such designs. The idea and presicion of this creation amazes me.
One of my favourite sites is Italian : they have marvellous furniture for children, wit and sophisticated but eco-friendly also. And I share their idea that good design and handcraft are very socializing and children should have beautiful object of their everydaylife to grow in awareness of beauty, sensitiveness and responsibility. Oh, it sounds like a statement.
I love Entertaining Elephants for their vintage style reversible A-shape dresses, yummy and retro-style web design.
Recently they have some new skirts and dresses and cargo pants - everything looking good.

Starting toys making I've made a real survey through internet to know GOOD examples of design for children. Worldwide. Always modern never trendy. I need to write an article about it - when I'll be free from preparing lectures, laboratories and free from everyweek 500 km travels to work and then back!

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