Monday, 21 May 2007

finger puppets - set.

finger puppets - set.
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O, excellent - I wanted to do good and to add banner ot and propably I stucked my blog! It would be pitty, indeed for me because I've just started having fun with blogging... Well, we'll see.
These are my newest creations - photographed not just scanned, as recently :) I like hamster and I made inspired by photographs of pyza and her hamster on leash. Other creatures are rather obvious: cats and dog are popular, black sheep is always black sheep of the family, and pigglet is a sign of current year: the Year of the Pig. So it is a auspicious mascot. Making themn was fun and I want to make some some.
And not to change my blog again!!!! What to do with it?

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elewa said...

AWWW they're SOO lovely!! I love your tiny cuties!!^^