Tuesday, 22 May 2007

My sister's birthday

Today is 19th anniversary of my sister - Justyna. She's passing her final exams in high school. Poor her, she had to resign of kendo national team to focus on her maturity exams and next-to-be-studies. Hope, everything will be fine. I'm sure, everything will be fine. She wants to study graphic design and computer science, lol. I prefer humanities, any ingeneering studies are amazing for me :). Actually, 3:30 a.m. when I'm writing these very words is about the time she was born! I could sent her sms if she wasn't asleep already. Happy birthday, sis!!!!! xxx

I learned today about Eduardo Recife, Brazilian designer who designed some astonishing typefaces. Some of them are available for free, some - for commercial use. It's pitty but I couldn't install them on my computer - I need some computer science lessons propably! But fonts are great and I like it very much. I decided to put link to his website on my blog among other very inspiring and creative "cre8ives". I like Max Rhode font inspired by his very own handwriting.

All the moments Ada was with her father I was trying to spend developing my work - about modern design and it's folklore influences. I want to be prepared for conference in Sandomierz. There will be Zbigniew Benedyktowicz who is one of my favourite social anthropologists and ethnographers - I admire his keen eye for modern art and gentle personality as well. Besides being interesting scholar and good writing publisher, he's a wise person and it's not a common thing. Either his gentleness - in our scholar circles especially. I've never heard him speaking ill of anybody. If I will speak at all, I will speak about Piatek - the village which is geographical centre of Poland but in any way can be centre of enything. It's margin of life, province, woop-woop land... - and I know some artists who want to awake this strange neighbourhood by some artistic events and founding Museum of the Middle of Poland. I'm very curious of the results.

Japanese dress for kitty is beautiful. trinlayk - I hope - will like it. Her idea about making black cat with green eyes was good - kitty looks fine. I wonder what she did. For a swap which i s American word for an exchange, heheheh. I want to make some more kitties of that kind (limited edition, of course) to present them at indie babies - as soon as possible. I count on Adam's help in everyday care for Ada during summer vacations - as a teacher he'll have almost two months holidays. And then I can learn for my next semester lectures by days and sew by nights :)

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olasmith said...

Och... Super te domki z kartonów... Chyba zmałpuję - mam skrzywienie w kierunku kartonów właśnie, mój mąż śmieje się ze mnie, bo nie umiem przejść obojętnie obok ładnego, czystego pudła :) Tyle z nich można zrobić...
Koniecznie pokażcie domek Ady, gdy już powstanie.