Wednesday, 2 May 2007


I'm very happy - first, I did this softie fast, second - he's adopted already, third - his photograph is quite popular and my favourite plush toys makers say nice word about its cuteness :) There is some other reasons for my happiness - making this critter really brought me joy. And smile. Lucky me! I do not know what name the child who has it now will give him, but he should be definately "Lucky - Lakshman, Lakshman - Lucky - that how it goes" :) (I'm fan of "Kal hoo na hoo" - the Bollywood movie).

And I'm very happy because for the first time I will take part in swap - trinlayk asked me to make a black kitty, similiar to Sara (her pictures are on flickr, of course) in kimono outfit. I think the most difficult think will be this outfit - but for now I already know what fabrics I will choose. And - lucky me again - I have my studio to work. And if I'm lucky again - Adam will take care of Ada to give me some spare time :)

And - luckily: today is holiday still and it's beautifull weather and after sleepless night (work and Ada...) I feel almost perfectly well. So many reasons to thank :)

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