Monday, 21 May 2007

Finger puppets

The best thing is to think a little without stress. So did I and solved my "problem" with signing into the blog. It was not a problem, of course. But first I had to change a subject of thinking for a while - it's easy when your child wants something to eat or to change a nappy. And Ada wanted both.

My princess likes new finger puppets a lot - to eat especially. She is 17 months now and still wants to put everything into her mouth. 8 teeth have to work. They are not for babies like her, rather toddlers or kids, or parents to make a theatre. The reason is very simple - felt is not chewing resistant.

The hare is one of Ada's favourite productions of mine - it has handle ears and that's good. And girlie-bear Sophie I want to keep for Ada. The others will go for adoptions.

Propably Miss June (or her clone) will go for an auction. I believe in giving back and I've received so much good that I want to share. With Hospice for children, for instance, - when I first saw those children I couldn't stop crying. I hope someone reach will buy her!
I'm still glad for making little makeover for June the Hare - now she's pretty and cute as I wanted her to be. Of course, she was charming and pretty even before. But I don't regret.

Finger puppets are good - maybe it doesn't sound modest but in my opinion they are cute. And I can make some more of them easily. I want to put them into my etsy shop. Soon.

Ada was soooo happy to see me yesterday that I was breastfeeding about 5 hours..... Propably she wants beastfeeding not as a food but as a warm contact and socializing with mother. Anyway it takes hours after my few days absence. We need to move to Torun - it's 1000 km then and back, it takes too much time. I do not want to be separated from her for half a week every week! I miss her the moment I close the door!

Pyza reminded me how cute and funny hamsters are. I used to have hamsters - as I remeber, once I had even 11 hamsters and it was too much of cuteness ;) But generally, though they are not easy animals, they look sweet and can be nice pets. And they don't smell like guinea pigs....

I like the idea that this year is a year of the Pig. My bother George is Chinese Pig. I am an Ox. My Ada is Rooster and her father is Dragon - oh, yes, he is. I gathered pig and hamster together in a photo, because they are both rather chubby. I like chubby :)I wanted pig's little hoofs to look as natural as possible.
I like little fangs of this wolf. I wanted him to be funny but still dangerous.
And little lamb hidden in mother's fur. Next time I'll make it better and I know what to improve. Photo especially. Lamb has to have its ears visible. And I want to make labs in a shape of softies. Maybe even this idea - mother with a lamb in 3D.
I have an idea how to make them keychains. That will be my next work.
I finally finished my kitty for swap. In few days I will sent it.
And afterwords go to Sandomierz for ethnological - anthropological conference!!!! Hurrah!

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