Wednesday, 2 May 2007

1st of May, picnic and adoptions

Today I've changed my blog - from "soft toys - social anthropology" into this one. The reason is silly: I forgot both username and password! And decided to start anew. So I'm starting.

Since yesterday we have "the longest weekend in modern Europe" which means celebrations connected with 1st and the 3rd of May. Everybody is celebrating in its own way - Adam, Ada and I we decided to visit family and friends. Oma - actually grandmother's garden made me astonished and happy: it was so beautifull!

Plenty of flowers, birds singing aloud, apples blossoming - I took my camera and shot pictures like mad.

Actually, I have more pictures on my flickr! lalootka profile.... but here is a place to write something I can not place there.

Yes, plants, flowers and birds singing in quite silent countryside made me happy as I haven't been for quite a time.

Going by train every week twice from BB to Torun is tirering. And being apart from my family - desperate!. Anyway - there is no point of complaining. Worse thing is that I'm almost up to my flickr limit of 200 photographs! And I will have to buy pro account to share there some more photographs. I'm becomming an addicted to photography: both making and sharing, and watching! I frame every scene: view from my window, sleeping child, clouds (actually, right now) in sunrise...

But I almost forgot to write about picnic and adoptrions!!! Today, we went for country picnic - something connected with Polish - Czech - Slovak macroregional cooperation, friendship and so on. It took place in Jaworze, beautiful countryside. And it was really fun. I made some funny pictures.
I've noticed a mass production of exotic brunettes - it's funny because all those girls are abvious Slavian blonds. Fashion victims? But what fashion is this?
Ada was extremely happy playing with elder children nad we, grumpy adults, had some fun with their parents.

For me, such picnics are always reminiscences of folk culture:
playtime, music, decorations, food - plenty of it, decorations are rather kitchy, but maybe there's a point in it. Anyway, we had fun.

And - for me as a softies maker today was lucky day: two of my creations had been adopted today. Kitty Sara and monster 70. Making this monster really was fun because he's my old pattern - I had it since my elementary school, and today (I made it today, before lunch) added some improvements and voila! here he was: happy monster in appeal that suit to 70ties: era of disco music, with his stripes and circles on the body. And I made labels, for the first time - to advertise my creations, od cource.
I think that 6:14 is high time to go to sleep... .

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elewa said...

Kitty Sara is so adorable!! I'd love to hug it ^^