Sunday, 6 January 2008

Happy New Year! to everyone

It's been very long time since my last post and - in a way - I'm starting anew. Mostly about softies, but I wouldn't be me if I resign of writing few words about my family and family affairs. Today few things:

1. Last time I had a chance to post here I was planning to go to Poznań to large crafts and handmade goods fair. But I got cold and it was much much better just to leave all the items (Adam's earrings and my toys) to Maja, friend of ours, who is artist working in glass herself (she makes beautiful glass earrings!) and entrust her selling them. Few of my toys were sold. Maybe next year I'll be much more determine to participate in this event - I believe it's worth. But now I know that I need to be prepared much better and take part in it right from the beginning till the very end.

The worst thing about toys that were left in Poznań was - I haven't taken ANY photo of them! I'm affraid they are lost forever for my documentary - snif, snif...

2. Ada had her 2nd birthday! I can't believe how quickly these two years passed! Lucky girl could celebrate her anniversary for couple of days and had two parties: one for the family elders and the second - for parent's friends and her own friends. The most attractive thing for her was blowing the candles! She wanted me to light them up again and again - and she enjoyed herself blowing. Grandgrandmother'd made her raspberry cake and I - apple pie.
Here is my apple pie - unfortunately the photo can not give a justice to all the beautity of spice smelling apple pie with a wonderful crust (I'm not especially modest when it comes to my apple pie).
3. Unexpectadly - and I still burst with joy - I've received a letter from Kristen of Schmancy and PlushYou! that she'd seen my toys and liked them enought to mention about them in her blog! . I was (and I am still) so thrilled and flattered by this - she's a well known toys seller, toys shows organizer and blogger. Her kind opinion about my plushies encouraged me to send an application for PlushYou2008 exhibition. And now I keep my thumbs up for my application!

4. I added new cathegories to my shop : bears, bunnies and magpies. As usual all the toys are based on my sketches - so is magpie decoration. I chose magpies for the mix of my favourite colours: black and white. I prefer toys in these two colours. To make this cute bird, I've used 100% wool felt that I'd bought in Poznań, and I'm extremely happy for that purchase. I decided to make a limited edition of 18 of these cuties and tra-la! my dear trinlayk - my kitty swap partner (the reminder of my swap - here) had bought her! Hope it'll bring me luck :)
Zuleikha can be proud of her family - here is family picture before departure. Toys look funny together, I believe.
For Renate and her baby Michael I've made a custom order - baby blanket and bear - all in white with blue decorations. The eyes of a bear (I called him Ignatz) are hand embroidered for baby's safety.
This toy is quite satisfactory, had been bought already but recently I've designed another bear and I'm going to make it very soon. This next one will look more mature, and - what's more important - will be larger. I still want to buy growlers someday to add real beary touch to my plushies. But "someday" is a keyword for now.
And here is Iphigenia bunny - or I should rather call her - a hare (haress?). Iphigenia had been adopted, just before Christmas, and is on her way to USA for some time. I just worry that problems in postal service in Poland can cause her huge delay. Usually it takes about 10-14 business days for priority mail to get there, but now - they say that it can take twice more! But she's brave bunny, and has her softie with her so little S. girl will have her plushie in good condition., I believe.
5. Last but definately not least - I've been invited to the group the and blog under the title the the art of plush" by Claire from absolutely small ! Lucky me to be noticed by tallented flickrians. I love Claire's explanation for the reasons of founding the needle - read about it here , and join us. And now I just have to write something short but intelligent about my newest creations :) - I hope that this new collaborative circle will encourage me to be more systematical in posting!


trinlayk said...

My postman is starting to worry about me... It hasn't been nearly enough time for the Magpie to get here, but I'm already peering out the window at mail time (at my new-to-me house!) to see if there is a package!

I also just got a commission to make some cozies (fabric shopping may be this afternoon) for some industrial equipment. (Google or search You Tube for "Graphical Waterfall" or "Rainfall project". )
Apparently, very few engineers sew. :)

macati said...

ok, it was worth waiting for your return! so many things hapenned!