Friday, 18 January 2008


Few days ago I was happy to acquaint (not in person, yet :) ) with Noferin and I've been enchanted by their toys and paintings since then. I can not help writing about them.
Under this misterious name of Noferin's been hidden tallented duo of Australian artists, Candy and Nico.
They make wood characters, called Pecanpals, from the name of the most important one: Pecan the Story-teller. Words other than "cute", "lovely", "sweet" don't make the justice to Pecanpals. These wood figurines are handmade and painted with high gloss enamell paint.
But I also like their paintings and graphics: paintings for the skillful use of plywood as a base, and graphics (glicee) for showing all the beauty of plywood.
Their website is all pleasure to watch and browse, so are their bios to read - check yourself here

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