Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Camera problems - some fun instead

Unfortunately, something's wrong with my camera's upload cable and I can not post ANY of my recently made photos!!! Ooooo, unhappy me.
And as I'm on the run to pack (unpacked yet) and move to T. everyweek travel - I must complete THIS post. But today is not wasted for the toys making and blogging - I arranged an appointment with a lady that runs wonderful Elf BookStore in Bielsko - Biała to make an interview. I'm planning to start a new blog - in Polish - about toys, books and things made for children especially. Not about my toys, this time.
And I've made some improvents in my poupeegirl account, when I'm logged as Alis. It's very funny site, with wonderfull cute illustrations and design, that brings real fun (so far I can not find any other reasons than fun, but that's ok).

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