Wednesday, 21 November 2007

new friends of ours - Zuleikha and Important-things Pouch

Zuleikha in her dress
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Zuleikha - brand new bunny, in her brand new dress. Knitwear, actually, very modern.
She's a prototype of my new type of bunnies, and I think her flexible legs and arms can be even better that those short for chubby and small ones. She's large, about 30 cm tall (including ears).
All made of polarfleece in trendy grey :) but the insides of ears are made of soft and beautiful Japanese cotton bought in superbuzzy
(expencive shippment but fabrics are sooo worth it).
I made her eyes of 7mm safety eyes, smaller than usually my recent toys have, but I like this look. Or maybe I like HER look because her eyes sparkle with intelligence :)
She loves to chat - I don't mean "small talk", I mean nice conversation and friendly company - her arms suggest that she protects against something, or someone, but it's just a pose - maybe she was a bit shy of posing a photo... She also likes sports - yoga and hanging head down. And skipping - but that's quite ordinary with bunnies. Yesterday - when I finished her - they were jumping and skipping together with Ada and I hardly persuaded them for bath.
Well, Zuleikha sais that hanging body down stimulates the brain . But to what? I will have to observe her and her achievements and then I will find out. As a prototype she goes to Ada, but I must say, I'd love to kidnap this toy to Torun today - she looks so cute! (Maybe I should be constantly unsatisfied with my sewing abilities and skills of making softies, but I like my plushies! Very much!)

Soon I will have new sheep and new drawstring bags to present. The Day of Hadmade Fair in Poznan is coming closer and closer. I do not know if I'd be ready. Maybe if I don't sleep - at all!

I have to make some more photos of Zuleikha in her beautiful knitted dress in the snow - we have lovely snowy here. And to make a bag for her, too.


AAAA, I've got a mail today: parcel with a "thank you" - in POLISH! How sweet and touching! From Xin and Enqi from Maki Squarepatch. Thank you, girls.
I bought their Important-things Pouch and I simple love it. It's even more sweet and lovely "in person" then at the photo. It's a good lesson of merchendising also, for they add some postcards made especially for Christmas, with their softies displayed (this time"xmas hoho brothers" series of seasonal Maki Squarepatch softies). Everything so nice and thoughful - they are both gifted artists.
My only worry is that this Important-things Pouch won't be mine - my Very Important Person is very interested in having this beautiful "doll" as she calls is.


Pina said...

I like the funny way you present your softies in the photos. LOL!

macati said...

I wish you a great 2008 full of good surprises!

Sammie said...

You do some very nice work Aloutka. I'm impressed! Continued success in 2008. Keep up the fine work with your softies and your blog!