Friday, 11 January 2008

taking advantages of driving by train

Last night, while travelling by train in the night, I completed two toys: tiny lamb with a coordinated mini tote bag (clove and ladybug pattern of Japanese fabric for decoration ears, and for a tote bag), decorated with elegant black, and a grey bunny with yellow pandas decorating her ears, and knitted turquoise a-shape dress. Completing these three (or even four things, including dress) took me about 4 hours - and it's not bad. Not bad at all! Do I become more and more skilled in hand sewing? No, I just could not sleep. Of course, I could not take any photo either - not for the blur, but for the no chance to upload my photos later, before I'd buy a new upload cable to my camera. Maybe tommorrow I will take some pictures with Kasia's camera.

To tell the truth, I wonder which one of the toys is better to go to very special and brave little girl - daughter of Adam's friends. The girl is 3 year old and is struggling with a tumor for a year. I hardly imagine her and her parents sufferings. I though about giving her this black lamb set, but maybe such a little girl would prefer real huggable bunny? I don't know - maybe it's not the most important issue of all, but I make my toys to bring some joy and smile to little ones.
Thinking about this particular little girl, and some other children I know that suffer from some terminall illnesses, made me realize how much I fear to lose my baby. Well, that's nothing new to any mother, but I used to think about myself as rather not fearing death person. But now I do.
I'better change the subject - I was planning to write just few words about travelling with a propable crazy guy, while sewing softies! And about my softies, that I can not post! Not about life and death...

So, returning to my lambs, I forgot, I have a new mobile cozy - made of black wool felt, lined with white subtle black floral printed cotton, with a white embroidered sheep and a shape of the Moon (waxing) on front. Pearl flat button closure with black ribbon. And black hanger stripe. I have it for a half of week, made with my own two hands. I'm planning to prepare some of such cozies for my shop soon.
And I should explain why I couldnt' sleep because of the company - amazing (and a bit weird) guy, sitting in the same compartment was trying to amuze me telling jokes and stories about quantum phisics, Sunday schools, transplantology, thanatopraxy, spiritual development, euthanasy, Roman-catholic Church, God, and jokes again... It was strange actually, but I decided to listen to him and talk to him because it's quite rare for me to discuss to real nuts (well maybe the word is not a nice one, but such people are beyond - normal). The thing I was occupied with a needle and fleece made me a better listener, I believe, and as I said, it was quite interesting to go for it: to listen to someone who has an opinion about EVERYTHING... Tiresome, but interesting.

As I see, The is growing very fast into something very interesting. I can not wait to have a chance to post there again.

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