Wednesday, 30 January 2008

home inspirations wanted

dia!!, originally uploaded by hippyxic.

As I'm moving soon to another flat, and to another city, actually, I'm looking for lots of inspiration. Theoretically I know for some time what I like and what I want: the more white the better; wallpapers - black and white preferred; Scandinavian design; transparent furniture; simplicity; light floor; some thrifted things to spice up - renovated and repainted, well - white; maybe some orange and turquoise spots of pillows or lamp shade here and there; black and white photography; my folk-inspired stripe paintings; my mother's paintings also; as well as my brother's (o, I love his childhood paintings when he wanted to be a plumber or a railwayman and all he was painting was railway or hydroinstallations :) ).

O, my goodness, I almost forgot - my brother George has his 24 anniversary! happy birthday, little brother - luv you.

In the late hours of the night I'm searching internet in inspirations and sources of information about renovating houses - sometimes internet can be helpful too :)


macati said...

and sometimes there are so many things in the internet that we get even more confused!
good moving!

trinlayk said...

After 15+ years living in rental... now that I'm buying, I painted a couple rooms bright colors, one shade of turquoise for my bedroom, bright green for the hall, another turquoise for the kitchen. (The half bath will eventually get the same green as the hallway....)

J's room got painted a rather gothic plum...

I'm not even done unpacking but I should take a LOT of photos...