Wednesday, 23 January 2008

otter - pattern altered

otter, originally uploaded by lalootka.

In last July I've made a pattern for an otter - simple, but the result plush was cute and funny. Yesterday, I've altered a bit this pattern, added different ears and paws, different features and long pink tongue, and I've made an Alsatian shepherd. Grey one. It looked like dog ready to aport - ready to play with a child, of course. As still without camera I can only present this old one STUFF :) and wish to have my camera asap to show this cute little doggie.
Without possibility to pop any photo of my newest toys I feel handicaped.... But, even without it, lalootka brand is improving. Slowly but constantly.
And, last thing, I was wandering about registering trade mark and any copyrights to my toys. Both otter and doggie are rather unique, (at least I believe them to be unique) and as I've recently seen some bears that were OBVIOUSLY "inspired" by my bears, I'd like to know that my other toys won't be treated this way.

On the other hand - maybe I misjudge the situation - internet pushes us to multiple the forms, not to make any originals. But we just love the illusion of originality and uniqueness. And so do I.

And, ah - I've almost forgot - doggie was sold in an instant!

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macati said...

this otter is soooo cute! yeah, I want you camera fixed too!