Friday, 10 August 2007

indie emporium

Being home again (and having some time while Ada and Adam were visiting greatgrandmother, I've started to search internet in everything connected with indie: design, enterpreneuship, craft, blogging. And I found this - advertising one Fall craft event in Tulsa, OK. Pitty, there is no such event in Poland. Yet. I like this banner (on the website Indie Emporium one can find more banners to doanload.

I also like Fishcake Nifty Stuff Made by Vozz and though I still can not install its banner, I have it on my site roll among "Sites I like" :)

Generally, I've noticed I prefer indie designers, and women bloggers and crafters - if I think about the reasons I find the girl power the most appropriate and interesting. And, to tell the truth - in the field of softies making men are in minority.

I find it pitty that in Poland tradition of handcrafting is dying and just few young people craft - even in social anthropology or evern ethnography my collegues scholars seem to avoid the subject - maybe it's too oldfashioned for them? But I'vwe learned that such movement - worldwide movement - like softies making is really interesting and important to survey - that's us, in the first decade of new millenium!

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