Monday, 30 July 2007

diary 2008 project

diary 2008
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I participated in diary2008 project - also in flickr group - and it was real pleasure and great fun to make a page for this diary. Lucy B from Fantazya Fantazies who was the manager and initiator of this project accepted my drawing, and I'm happy for it. Actually I'm very happy! Now I have new motivation to make supply to my etsy shop - though it's not opened yet. Grand opening soon, I believe, as soon as I have a banner, but so far visiting relatives and family doesn't go well with sewing and drawing. I don't know why but I seem to be more busy here than while at home! Ada goes to sleep rather late, wake up early mornings, wanting almost constant care - too much exciting things happen to her everyday - too many children, new people, fun, new words she learns, new territories she explores - and she can hardly bear it! I quite understand her.

But speeking of diary again: I like the idea of a diary when lots crafters and artist can draw a page or few - to advertise, to show their style. Many interesting people took part in this project and I'm priviledged to be among them, excellent! I wanted my page to be as simple as possible. Of course, the main character on this page is Ada, accompanied by her softies. Some are already existing, some are not. But they will.

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