Sunday, 26 August 2007

Finished at last

Lady of the Lake
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When I made this doll A YEAR AGO for my friend's daughter I made her dress of embroidered (by myself) silk cloth.
But it was yellow and actually, this colour doesnt' look good on me. So it did not on this doll. She was somehow incomplete, with no soul. She dusted in the attic, not forgotten but useless. And I was lucky to meet Trinlayk who asked me for a Japanese outfit for a kitty . And Japanese outfit that was it!
I made her proper slippers of black and grey felt - then she was bearfoot. And it looked ugly.
And now her magic moon of the forehead shines brighter. But it is my longest time made doll ever.

Another doll was waiting for her moment also. At first I wanted her to be dreadlocked, rasta - style girl. But she was not this kind of girl, I believe so she didn't want me to make her untrue. I liked this big green cap - it looked like a sack for potatoes and was funny. I still keep an orange screenprinted orange cloth to make her dress but maybe another doll will wear it.
She prefers to wear black turtlenecks, leggins and loves skirts. And ribbons. And dancing - look at her slippers.

With her arms open wide Georgie would become a perfect friend for any girl - self confident, not too talkative, openminded and wit.


Liz said...

The transformations are just amazing. I love the kimono and it's perfect for the doll. And for Georgie doll, this look is so much better for her. Beautiful dolls. I totally understand about dolls hybernating until it's time. I have two doll heads all done up but I'm just lacking the inspiration to do the bodies yet :o) Looking forward to seeing more gorgeous dolls from you :o)

Anonymous said...

Your little dolls are darling!!! So cute!!!

Evil Bunny said...

Wow, your dolls are really cute and creative!