Thursday, 23 August 2007

cute, frightening and others - but soft!

I've made a real search and found lots of fantastic sites and designers of softies and what's the use to keep them for myself? I'll better share.
At first seniorita polyester's creation. She makes cute but macabre characters and propably this innocently looking softie also has some dark and cruel thoughts in its mind... Pitty it was made as the only one object. She should make some more.
Spooky Daddy - as he describes himself - is "a stay at home dad and am now devoting all of my energy to being the best dad and plush mad scientist i can be.i spend most of my time crafting the cutest and creepiest little creatures that as days go on take up more of my house lol.but i don't make them for me i make them for the world". His softies seem to want to conquer the world right now - for all cost, like this very determined toothie one.
Haasbroek - a young artist from the South Africa seems to be dedicated to the art for children, painting funny pictures like this one - going together with a squareshaped softie
or making Happy Products like this Popsicle Pete . The variety of colours presented also.

Jess Hutch. made a new addition to her amazing collection of sweet and modestly looking down creatures. This time she made residents for the doll house - of course the doll house was remodelled and painted in her own unique style.
Among her older works I cherish dolls made of screenprinted fabric - taking a closer look shows all the details of her sketches.
and this beautiful knitted work called simply "Landscape" - witty and cute.
Maki Squarepatch is a duo of superbly tallented sisters who make wonderfully fresh and funny softies and accessories of pre-loved fabrics and clothes.
MaharDrygoods is full of beautifull creatures for small and big people. Like this Ludic of Woollyhoodwinks . I love his ears, I must say!
The site is after re-construction now, and if you want you can hear these creatures very own theme song and watch cartoon . Junco, Ludic, Reddy, Ozard and Fluke are handcrafted from high quality, vintage-inspired wool fabrics, detailed with sweet embroidered faces and bright plastic safety eyes. When baught in MaharDrygoods they can be girfwrapped in such a lovely green case.
I am a great admirer of woodcrafted toys, and those of Peter Dziulak's Blocksmith are amazing. All those arches, castles, towers, and fortifications make me wanting to be 6 again. Any Waldorf doll would suit to such a castles, actually - any doll would love to live here .

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Oh I LOVE Ludic! He is darling!!! :D