Monday, 13 August 2007

Softies in Poland and everything inspiring

Latex For Fun (THE BOOK)
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I found it on my unreplaceable flickr - and have to read about Latex For Fun (THE BOOK) project - looks quite inspiring for me actually, especially now. I love any projects connected with toys designing and exhibiting, and though I know some amazing initiatives like Month of Softies or Plush You, but anything new can that would help me in organizing my event would be appreciated.

Well, then it's official - I'm working on organizing an exhibition. Almost all participants invited, almost all accepted my invitation. But the term will be not September 2007, as I was suggested to make, but 15 May 2008, as I had planned. I hope they'll like it! There is plenty of thisng to organize. Fortunately I have wonderful venues and almost everything completed to organize it. Though I know I should be writing some articles about Medical Anthropology or anything connected with my field but I'll better make something to make me happy - an exhibition to present in Poland my flickr friends and their wonderful creations. And, actually -not just flickr friends because some Polish artist want me to participate in this project also! And I love their works!!!!

The key for choise of the participants is their artistic activity: I wanted them to be artists of various fields AND softies makers.

P.S. I wanted to make a button - kind of preview of the banner I'm working at, and I made a button in Button Maker at first and I was really happy how it looked (though it was very small) but then I found CoolText and I think it's even more usefull tool. Lots of free fonts to downloads - some of them are great. So far no button yet - I want to make it real good (unitl Greek calendas, propably...)

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Florence said...

Hi Alice,

Good to hear that the exhibition is still happening. 15th May 2008 I'll pop it in my dairy :)

I was thrilled to be invited and am looking forward to hearing more of what you have planned.