Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Fresh finds

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Kidsonroof mobile home - play house by modernmini . Gorgeous blue house with a dashing red inside - I love cardboard. For it's texture, flexibility, modest look and enviromental friendliness. And mapleboard - like this, found on KidO when one can find smart and beautiful things for children of various age, all inspired by Maria Montessori or Reggion Emila's educational philosophy, ecologically aware, stylish and beautiful.

When you have such beautiful doll houses you can not leave them empty - settle a doll by hopskipjump
or a bunny by hopskipjump
or such a bunny by Julie of little cotton rabbits to play with. Each softie is unique, made of new and high quality materials, cuddly. And - what's most important - handmade.
And I found few other interesting things - blogs, stores and craftsmen. Like MyMy art + craft with a nice template and great things to buy - toys among them.

and Sion called Ubiki , an artist who makes funny modern looking and simple prints of wonderful monsters for nursery (this one below is my favourite, escadr of bird-U-boots :) )
and, what also important the same person founded and is running still growing Indiepublic large site for bloggers, designers, shoppers interested in things indie.

At babygeared I found this lovely piece of Fine Art for Children by Alison Jay, called Circus Parade and though the subject is rather not pleasing to me, I must say, the picture IS lovely and friendly looking. And for sure it would decorat the nursery beautifully.
Candy Factory Wall Stickers from modernnursery are trendy and funny, as wall stickers in general are now. Not just for children actually. Each kit contains 18 feet of lush green lawn to plant your 12 lollipops wherever you like. There are also 12 deluctable peppermint roses, 24 gumdrop bushes and 68 decorating gumballs!

Serching MILK - one of the best European magazines dedicated to design for children - I found many cute things for toddlers (like my Ada). Like this tableware decorated in pink with pink and orange girl sketch. Stylish and cool. Made by Made by oots! . Nice find.

When your baby has its room decorated, some wonderful toys to play with, then it should be dressed nicely - for girls we suggest today a picnic dress in SPRING BIRDS .
Its a small size version of women picnic dress made by Winter Water Factory . Spring Birds is one of their most popular prints.
For boys tees like this by Dandy , Cornwall clothing company specialized in t-shirts, run by Charlotte Day and Rose Bamford who produces a range of tees for babies, kids and ladies. or with a pattern like this - it's made by Droopy Knickers , modern design New York company with interesting approach to American design heritage. I like this oldfashioned Western nursery and funny look of their t-shirt print.

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Victoria said...

Oh my! What a wonderful assortment of things for wee ones! Makes me wish mine were still little, but alas the oldest is headed off to college. Sion's print is marvelous, and I want to move into the cardboard house!