Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I got a custom order - from Malwina. I'm so happy about it! It's for her 6 months old little niece and 3 year old nephew.

She wants me to make a forest set of finger puppets for him and mascot with a baby blanket and rattle for her. I assume she saw lalootka's photos on flickr because she said that black kitty Izumi was super-duper :) Well, at first she wanted me to make something unusual so I made sketches for a beaver and an otter - for a change from bears and kitties. But it seems kitties like Izumi, rule anyway. Or maybe I would make kitty - rattle? It's small - perfect for a rattle.
I chose otter because they are brightly looking, smart and pleasant creatures will "smiling" cute faces. And my grandmother called me "King Sobieski's otter" when I was a kid. And a beaver, bacause it was my sister's nickname.

And Hildegarde is going to Italy to girl Federica! I knew she'll be loved. Hildegarde - Federica is loved for sure! Federica has a mother that collects handmade softies. I just need to come back home to pack Hildegarde with all her accessories and make a tag. I hope they'll like her music also.

Only Sophie-bear will stay with Ada these days. No, how could I forget about cats - still in my attic, waiting for some remodelling, embellishment, and more stuffing. They have their place in Ada's old safety-chair, shared with Rudolph. It looks funny, but I can not make any photo of them together - Rudolph doesn't want me to show his laziness and always runs away seeing me with a camera.

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