Saturday, 21 July 2007

dragons rule! And Harry Potter!

Dragons rule. One of the most mysterious creatures of imagination. I always wonder why in the West they became so feareful, merciless, greedy, anyway - evil creatures while in the Far East they are blessed and blessings bringing, generous - well, mostly they are. Whatever the reason is I love the art whose subject were dragons.

plush dragons on display
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And I love dragons - that's quite common, I know. But I collect St. George's images to have more dragons. Dragon and dragon slayer bond to eachother for eternity influence my imagination. I love Ursula K. LeGuin's "Tehanu" for the wonderful character of baby dragon in human form. And for Kaliesin - she rocks! (Kaliesin, not just Ursula K. LeGuin). And now dragons - or one of them - became again important character in the last of Harry Potter sag - great! I saw an amazing illustration of a dragon rode by Harry and his friends by Madame GrandPre (I adore her illustrations in "Narnia"s books and Tolkiend's stories also) and wonder how to get the special edition of HP... (Reading comments of Potteromaniacs was wonderful and touching - most of them wants to believe that Snapes is good at heart and Ms Rowlings had some mercy for Harry. So do I!)

I decided to make my own version of a dragon - lalootka's style - soon.

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