Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Otter and baby blanket

Finally, that's the otter became rattle. I resigned of making another mascot - kitty when I realized how time consuming baby blanket was. So to help the situation, I put one rattle into otter's belly, and second - in a tail. It jingles softly. It's wonderfully cuddly, because I didn't stuff it too much - just for the 6 months old baby girl Ula, I hope. I made all stitches extra carefully to protect from busy fingers ripping the sews. I'm especially proud of its tail, I must say, not just because of jungle, but in general - it's long, firm, just otter's tail - perfect while swimming. Mr Otter has no paws - Adam's noticed that it looks more like swimming like that. And as I quite agree with it, I took his advise not to sew the paws. It diverse much from the first sketch: it has no whiskers, but blushes, it's longer and slimmer and has more rounder head - but I like it even more.

I like to pose my softies with a folk stripes painting in a background - it's so colourful and joyful. I'm glad I made that painting. It brings fresh look into our study.

I completed all the work today - about 3 p.m! Just before customer's arrival, which means Malwina. Baby blanket was finished at 5.30 a.m.
This baby blanket took soo much time and, frankly, effort that next time I'll think twice before I take such an order having such a short time! Though now I have an idea how to make it better. Originally the pocket of the white (cream) side of blanket was for kirry - but Mr Otter fits also. As well as pacifier or any other baby good.
It was fun, of course, as my first attempt to make a baby blanket and applique, but on the other hand - it's been a big challenge. I like the idea of embroidered characters appliqued on, and that can be useful in my next project, but I see that as always less means more: less fabrics means more effect.
And though I like it, I can not be sure if the customer was satisfied till Malwina reaches her family, baby niece Ula and nephew Mauni, 3 years old (what a nice name, I forgot to ask if it's Hawaiian or Polynesian name). Malwina seemed to like it -I hope she really did!!! We are friends and I don't want to make any misunderstandings because she bought something from me and it was not satisfactory. But if she likes it, she can be the best trendsetter ever!
Forest set of finger puppets needed some improvement. So I changed it a bit - monster has been replaced by a tree with a sky background. Animals didn't need any change, but I made a bear much bigger than before. In such a comparison wolf looks rather a cub than adult one.
I made also a nice, orange felt envelope decorated with blue blanket stitch. Puppets can be packed nicely to protect them from dust, for instance. I hope they won't dust anyway! They need to be used as a theatre for children! Now I need to make such a set for Ada, at last!
And I had a chance to improve my tags slightly. I added ribbons and thanks to eyelets set I made a nice little whole :)
As usually, as a package I use my favourite brown paper.

I'm happy with the result. But my family is not happy with me so busy for few days! After a week absence, mother and wife still out of reach, that's too much. Now I'll have to make an effort to sooth them.

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