Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Feng shui corner of my house

rhino and birds
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I like feng shui as an art of creating our environment, and treat all the symbols that anchor our imagination. That's why, from time to time, I make something new to my "feng shui corner": now it's a blue rhinoceros for protection of the house, birds that bring lucky chances and pi yao - a dog clown.

Rhinoceros is inspired by Saracoloridos' - one of my Inspiring Cre8tives - beautiful rhinaldinha or rather rhinosalsicha as Sara called it. I kept the shape, material - felt, though changed the size and resigned of those unbelievable stripes she had made. My rhino has blushes - I like blushes very much in all my softies.

And I made pi yao - flying dog. Pi yao is the ugliest and the funniest creature at the same time - he's role is to uppease angry Duke Jupiter and pi yao is the only one who can make it. I'm not surprised - it's so comic. Pi yao is made of polymer clay and painted with acrilics. it has wings to fly to the heavens bringing our requests. I like this creature and it's friendly snout. I keep it in my study.
It has auspicious birds painting in a background. I like this picture very much - I made it just before last Christmas, as a kind of a gift for the house. Now it welcomes everybody in the entrance of our house. Maybe I should make another one for my mother - she said it's beautiful.
Recently I've found a great Feng Shui course - Feng Shui For Cats (with instructions) funny, smart and illustrated with great photographies of amazing cat with gorgeos eyes (Rudolph would be angry hearing my complimenting another cat, so would Adam, but as the cat has now another life of his 9 lifes, I hope they forgive me). I like this course very, very much. I took all these advise and want to find a good paper box for Rudolph - now I know why he doesn't like his carrier to sleep in and prefers our bed.

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