Thursday, 28 June 2007

new creations

My posts are going in packs, so my creations.
After sniffing of touch for newborn baby, as I told myself, I came back to finishing forest set of finger puppets. Made especially for Kinga, Ada's elder friend.
As always, I loved making it. Deer is my favourite item right now, though I love wolf, bear and hare also. Creature in the middle is a ghost of the forest, mini version of my monsters - guardians. So is this one - taking care of all the forest and all creatures living there.

Speaking of a deer - at Trinlay Khadro flickr site one can see a poststamp from Lalootka-land (that's how she called it and I like it very much). There is a deer there to show the associations with a city Trinlay lives in.
I'll better go to sleep and postpone making a purse for finger puppets till the early noon - it's dawn, birds are starting to sing, and for me - sleep time.


Samuel Rufus said...

Dear Aloutka, Your blog is very creative and it's a revelation of sorts. Nice to know that you are a university lecturer. Same specimens we..! Keep up the good work. and do keep in touch.
Regards, Rufus

Kanoff said...

O Casamento do Sol

Dizem que em certo tempo desejou o Sol de se casar, e todas as gentes, agravadas disso, se foram queixar a Júpiter, dizendo: - Que no Estio trabalhosamente sofriam um Sol, que com seus raios os abrasava, donde inferiam e provavam, que se o Sol casasse e viesse a ter filhos, queimaria o mundo todo; porque um Sol faria Verão calmoso na Índia, outro em Grécia, outro na Noruega e terras setentrionais; pelo que sendo todas as três zonas tórridas, não teriam as gentes onde viver. Visto isto por Júpiter, mandou que não casasse.

(Esopo, Fábulas, vertidas do grego por Manuel Mendes)

Robyn said...

Those are SO cute!!!