Thursday, 7 June 2007

geisha? no, swap

After making another kimono for swap kitty I'm sure - I'm perfectionist. I love to do things right. And when I get a manual of kimono making (I am ethnographer, aren't I? So I searched for it among ethnographic archives - an article about kimonos collection in ethnographical museum)
I decided to make another one - better one, of course. It has double layers, as it should have, both made of cotton - so it's rather summer casual dress, with linen obi, Yukata more than kimono, which we associate rather with silk. I couldn't make a bottom white dress - it would be too much even for me. I was trying to make seams as invisible as possible. I'm quite satisfied now, at last. Poor Sari had to wait so long, I have remorse. I cut a photo of tea house from my favourite Elle Decoration :) to arrange the scenery, though I suppose (or I know) cotton kimono doesn't suit cha ceremony - it should be silk. I picked a black outer cotton with flowers that make an impression of plum blossoms - havin' five petals each, and white bottom cotton with twigs.

I prepared an ID of a kitty - her name is Izumi, Izumi Kazawa, and she is half Polish. Kazawa name is not a coincidence - it's my alias, Aloutka Kazawa, after Adam's name which is Kazała - and that sounds exactly the same. But Izumi again: she loves cha celebrations, peonies, midsummer and bluebirds. And red purses. (I decided to add red purses to every toy I make now - when Twinky Winky is suspected by gov. to be gay just because having purse, adding red purse is a joke and statement).And now - just to compare - a photo of Izumi. I called her after friend of ours, lovely girl, half Polish also. I hope that THIS Izumi will be as good kendo fighter, drawer and translator like this human one.

Another thing I made was my "business card" - I enjoyed making it, but actually I'm not sure if it's gonna work out. It's lovely to make handmade business cards but it's wasting time, isn't it? I can keep it also as a tag, or use an illustration. Anyway - drawing makes my day. I love aquarell pencils - and mix technique: some colours wet, some dry, pencil, PILOT V 5, and the result is quite satisfactory.
Few days without Adam here was very busy - Ada wanted my constant care and attention, and cryed loudly "dad" running around the house. And we made a lot of house work. I love my home clean and neat. We visited kindergadens, playing, having fun, building castles, reading books - for Ada pictures mostly. We had an walk to the forrest and saw goats and chickens - Ada was fascinated with feeding goats. While we were working hard, daddy amused himself in Prague - our beloved Prague. Amusement was not complete, he sais, without us, but I suppose he meant his pupils were not that sweet as Ada, though also very nice and intelligent. I'm sure they had had wonderful time together.
Ada still likes turquoise kitty. But she's fair enough to share her underarms and love between her and white teddy bear.


bubi said...

lovely stuff there :)
in fact, u can scan ur hand drawn biz card and then convert it to digital and print them out, it save lot of effort :)

trinlayk said...

So cute! I can't wait! She's ADORABLE... & I love the kimono!
There is an Izumi's restaurant here in Milwaukee Wisconsin US too!
We'll have to go there, take photos, and eat sushi together.

Didixi said...

I love your blog. I was crafts mom - some years ago - too!

trinlayk said...

She arrived! much loved already, and making friends.