Wednesday, 13 June 2007

lamb Amelia dreaming 'bout Australia

Yesterday night I made this pal(m) creature - it's rather tiny, bit less than my palm's size. The shape of her body is the simplest possible - just oval. As a black sheep of the family I chose my favourite colour - but her mother withh be larger, for sure. Because I want to make mother-sheep. White. They'll suit to my story about Lucinda. But this lamb is not Lucinda, it's Amelia.
(I'm not especially satisfied with a photo, but so far I don't want to make another one).

Ms Malgosia called to offer us a kitty, the real one - two months old, grey and black kitty, and to say that Tony and Franky bear brothers are fine and kids like them. Though she was frankly enough to say, that all four parents of boys like them even more! Well, it happens. But she said, she loves them - I apprieciate her taste and opinion.

When Ada was napping and I had an hour for myself, I got a brilliant idea - how to connect my social anthropology with my artistic ambitions and soft toys making. Today I won't say a word about it, first I have it thought detailed. And to make sure I can make it. And that I will.

If this idea won't work maybe I'll follow Amelia....

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