Saturday, 2 June 2007

Children's Day part 2

When I get my parent's house on Lodz - I'm their twice a month visitor - we had a nice chat with Justyna and her boyfriend Johnny and mother late at night. Mostly about our unpleasant adventures with insects - Justyna and Johnny both have arachnophobia... :) and even discussing about spiders, fleas and other monsters made them thrilled. It's so nice to see them safe, happy (well, quite happy, Johnny has exams on his studies, and Justyna is waiting impatiently for the results of her high school final exams. But anyway - I love to meet them).

Sitting in a restaurant today I made a few sketches of Ada and me. When I'm longing work helps, especially sketching, sewing and inventing new toys. So here there are mother and daughter. Ada is keeping her toys - turqoise Kitty and girlie - bear Sophie (no night gown anymore) under her underarms - very fair. That's the way she really is keeping them while playing or going for a walk. Someday I will redo these sketches - they look interesting as drafts and I want them to be more detailed and clean. Sketching in restaurant is rather dangerous for paper, as I see now.
The below one is very rough but shows the most favourite place of Ada to sit. Hall stairs leading to our studio and my attic are fantastic and she loves to climb up there (with a help of our hands, of course)
I had some problems with posing "my" legs and feet, funny.

It's 3 a.m. right now - I suppose it's late enough to go to sleep.

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