Friday, 1 June 2007

International Children's Day

Another occasion for celebrations - everybody likes to have holiday and lots of fun with children today (o my, what rhymes, hehe). Beautifull weather helps to have outdoors activities. I'm in Torun, at the university, and next few hours will spend in train, travelling to Lodz. Since I just woke up this morning, I've been thinking about Ada and, poor me, children with parents are everywhere, and that's increasing my longing. I just received a sms from Adam with an information that Ada, after awakening, told him (which means she took his hand and lead him) to the kitchen to feed the cat. Charming! He was happy - he loves the cat and believes his daughter is special. But I have a contact with my special child just by a phone... Quite sad, actually.

By the way: the cat. That's an old photo of Kitty in cheongsam. I put it here because I hope to put another kitty's photo very soon. One-of-the-kind black kitty, name Izumi. And I want to have a fresh view for this one. To compare.

To chear up and to comfort myself I made some drawings of baby Ada and me but scanner doesn't function properly and I can not upload them, hrrrr. Well, I will do it later. Now I have to go, but maybe I'll add few words later today (when I get Lodz and a scanner).

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