Wednesday, 27 June 2007

busy day

I found again the Paperpod creative and ecologically aware company using cardboard as a material to design toys and furniture. It's brilliant, indeed! I checked the price of this cupboard house and though it's not costless, 30 pounds is not exaggerated price for such an item.
It's fantastic - simple, decorative, beautiful and helps to teach children creativity. I feel like becoming fanatic of this idea.... Hm - poor Ada ;) (My parents are still disbelieving we want to raise her at least untill her 3 years without a constant contact with a tv. Actually we don't have a tv at all)

I'm preparing a gift for the first friend Ada has - Kinga is 9 years old neighbour of ours and likes to play with Ada. Tommorrow is Kinga's birthday as she herself told me, pretending she was just interested in a day of Ada's birthday :) . I'm making a set of finger puppets for Kinga - forest set. She doesn't look acustomed to handmade goods and toys, rather for plastic toys and lots of tv, but I hope she'll like it.

Today I received another custom order - thank Goddess!. Our friend Bartus wants me to make a dog - Alsace type - for his little nephew who loves his pet dog. I have an idea how to make it - propably wolf fingerpuppet will be my inspiration.

It seems I'll have a nice website! SOON! Even very soon. DD Paul designed a nice site for Kazawa Project : bright, with funny sketches and friendly colours and, what's the most interesting for me, with beautiful stripes as a decoration. But Adam doesn't want it - he preferes to keep the old layout. I don't quite understant him, but on the other hand, I can not compain - I love stripes! Especially in such brigh colours, like my favourite folk stripes. And I need a banner (and typography) as soon as possible. To start etsy shop, among the other thing. Poor DD - he doesn't have an easy life with a partner like Adam...