Tuesday, 12 February 2008

from the father's point of view

Today I found The Pokey Pup site run by Bryan Townsend. As he sais - he has worked in the music industry in some form (including promotions for MCA/Geffen Records, marketing for Interscope Records, music licensing, owning a record store since 1997) for most of his working life, so while expecting together with his wife their first child, he decided to challenge this expertise in a new direction, providing great music and other media for kids and parents. Very interesting idea, and - as for me - good choice.

Music one can find at The Pokey Pup has nothing, or almost nothing to do with multi-colored alien babies or annoying kid's music, but lots with the classic 20th century gems. Or modern versions of gems, like The Beatles, Love

or favourite creatures of few generations already - on both sides of the ocean - Muppets like Kids' Favorite Songs" with my hero, Big Bird,

or a hero of my daughter's sleeping time - Elmo

The site is nicely organized that everone can easily find books, or CDs or DVDs. You can find there really variety of music areas: from lullabies to pop or rock, from music for babies and preschoolers, some classics for the whole family. And also interesting, nice, or just funny gifts for the baby showers or any other occasion. The most hilarious for me is this pastiche of famous mob story -
. Reading the story you realize it's not the movie "for the whole family" but very special gift for the hip father-to-be who needs some entertainment and professional knowledge before his baby arrival.
I like the sentence at the "about us" page, that sounds like cool motto: "If music is the soundtrack to your life, why not share it with your kids?" and I must say - I agree!


ei! kumpel said...

hey :)

Thanks for your kind comment on The Needle blog! I'm making plush for almost one year, but just started to show them some months ago... and yes, I'm now starting to explore all this plush world!

Oh I didn't know about kumpel being polish too! That's great!!! I really like that word, it's my shop's name! Thanks you and have a great weekend!

John said...

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Net said...

That GoodFather dvd cover is hilarious!

Your plush toys are so sweet.

Would you like to do the 7 Random Things meme? I tagged you on my blog :)