Sunday, 10 February 2008

Henio doggie softie and his collection

Finally I borrowed a camera to upload my photos. They've beem waiting for this for more than a month.
Henio is ready to play. He's my own pattern and made especially for Bartuchna, friend of ours as a custom order for his nephew. It was meant to be an Alsatian shepherd, hehe.
Now I think next time I should make similiar doggie larger - children like large toys. And those tiny, too, but medium size is rather for larger children (read: grownups)
P.S. I've realized that Henio is very much in style of my wolf finger puppet


macati said...

yesterday afternoon I realised just what you said about the size with a friend's daughter! she loooved her huge ratatuille and little penguins! I'm more the medium size! funny!

Kylie said...

I adore little Henio! What are wonderful store you have on Etsy. I'm at the stage in my life when everyone around me is having babies. There is one friend in particular who loves cows. Do you make cow toys? I'll definitely forward your site to my friends.

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I'm going to take a trip to IKEA this weekend :)

Aloutka said...

macati: funny, isn't it? Propably it's not a genious observation worth scientific papers, but interesting for us who care about toys for children.

kylie: thank you very much for visiting my blog, and for your very flattering opinion. And - by the way - I can make a cow, I was recently thinking about making some species :)

Michael said...

Children do indeed love large toys, especially large stuffed toys. Check out the stuffed animals on our site. One vendor, Jellycat, has these incredible animals available in a variety of sizes.

Aisha said...

Wow! Really creative! :)