Sunday, 3 February 2008

home inspirations

I'm still looking for home inspirations: in Flickr and other sources, like Apartment Therapy or decor8 and lots of other beautiful sites about making your space as harmonious and beautiful as you wish (and as cheap as needed). And my wish - one of many wishes in the issue of flat - is to have a room for Ada. Our current flat is wonderful but rather for couple without kids - no room is suitable for a child. The only room that could do has no window! She's two now and I need some rest at nights - and I want to end breastfeeding, and to have my personal life in the nights (which means, for instance). She'll have room just for herself soon and now, though the decision of removal was hard for me to make, I enjoy, in a way, planning and imagining what kind of room it should be. I choose simple, white background. White is perfect for the new beginning - perfect for us, when we have to start a new.

This room is fantastic for the monastery-like simplicity and almost severe atmosphere. it's not pastel, cozy and cute. No cuteness . I found it at my favourite interior designer site - and instantly felt in love with this pure and simple style.

Aunty Cookie despite of her sweet fabrics , presents also her special approach to decorating childen's room. And I love it. She puts only unique things there, and makes a space for children that educates in taste and modern design since the youngest years.

The authoress of these beautiful photos and arrangements is Mari Eriksson. She authors a beautiful blog called An Angel at my Table and though it's in Swedish her more recent posts contain a bit of English so you can follow along. The most envy I feel for her gorgeus white wood floors, but other thing also are inspirational. She is a photographer, but as I've read among the lines, she also makes children clothings and runs a house boutique. Kind spirit? Obviously. decor8 was the source of these pictures, as many others.

Hiding places are always welcomed by children. My Ada loves to hide in a wall closet. But sooner or later she'd want me to give her a cardboard house, or blanket hiding place of such a beautiful table house like this one above - made by sunnydayshere aka One Crafty Mommy .
And I love this idea, quite Paolo Coelho style, that when you want something deeply and long enough, all the Universe is helping you to achieve your goal. Since I decided to move to my old flat - and new flat in a way, cause I haven't lived there for 8 years, I come across some coincidental situaltion that only encourge me to move - including money to make a renovation, or constuction team! These days professional construction teams are more precious than gold and - voila - my own cousin offered me help of his employees. He's studying architecture, and for some years he's working on huge constructions or renovation projects! Blessed be, Martin :)

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