Friday, 8 February 2008

home inspirations again

Rice is one of those Scandinavian interior design companies that seem to have the largest impact on the fashion designing, and promote something bigger than just earning money - social awareness. Of course, one may say that it's just marketing - but I want to believe that it's worldwide movement (inspired and promoted by women mostly!) that everyone should help the others - in this way or the other, but even buying can be helpful for someone. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Scandinavian design becomes more and more popular, especially among young people who are fed up with pure consumption and want some undefined "more". This is definately more. More color, for instance. I like the eruption of color in their catalogue. And white floors. And pillows that catch your eyes with vivacity.

But as a toy maker, I could not to notice that doll has absolutely superb doll house - it's a package also, I believe. And I just love it.

How does it come that Scandinavs make great design? Is it just the matter of publicity, or something else? I suppose that the poverty of Sweden of Norway - I mean 19th century and earlier -made them focused on the simplest things. And as less means more - simplicity works even nowadays. This advent calendar I found at Angelattable, An Angel at my Table blog of photographer Mari Eriksson. I think her blog'd become one of my favourites. Colourful photos of interior and b&w photos of children and family - this style appeals to me.

Decorated IKEA blanket looks great but I'm affraid the simplicity of this trim is delusive. Maybe making pompoms is not that difficult (with a tool especially) but the rest - well, you better buy such a folk inspired trim than make it. Photo via uncomparabledecor8

Consortium Rapacholin maybe are new at etsy but as a artistic and merchandising team they work for some time. And I'm happy to know them (Ewa is ethnologis like me! and Michal is tallented graphic designer, one of my mother's best students) - but I haven't known untill recently they make such great things you can see here . Finally I know, and I'm really glad to find these two - they made, among other things, beautiful tables, painted in my favourite folk motif. This time Opoczno region with beautiful "pigeons" in white. Yum. Very inspirational. And I know when to knock when I'll be in desperate need of renovation of my furniture and repainting in in folk way :)Cute tables - who could say that black and white can be cute too?

Takeshi Iwasaki is illustrator and painter who makes collages that could decorate any nursery or children room. But his creations are not just for children. Many people love Japanese artists and arts for the illusion of children naivety and use of simple modes of expression. And maybe for the subjects - like this Lighthouse.
I feel awfull but I lost the name of the company that makes these beautiful furniture for children. This little table, rocking chair and shelf are on the top of my wish list when I think about beautiful objects for my daughter.

scandinavian design for children, originally uploaded by lalootka.

And yes, I'm still into it - planning what to do, and how much (or rather how little) money spend. But white and simplicity is really my choise, not the result of limited budget, heheh.


Amy Yang said...

Wow, the colors in patterns used in the Scandinavian designs have totally inspired me. (Running to my craft room) :)

Aisha said...

Very creative and colorful! I love it.

orange you lucky! said...

Loving the clean and simple lines and vibrant colors!
B.T.W. - have you checked out Takeshi Iwasaki's embroidery art? I really loved it! Very neat!