Tuesday, 4 March 2008

random things

Random Things meme is shorter now - it used to be 8 things but now it's 7 :), funny,m isn't it? I've been tagged by Net of Area Thrifty One to take part in 7RT meme - thank you! I never know what to write in such things, but I'll try...
The rules of this meme are:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So these are my 7 random things:
1. Aloutka Kazawa is my artistic alias - Aloutka IS a form of my real name Alice though, Kazawa is a bit altered surname of Adam, my boyfriend. I feel MUCH better with this name than with my real one and propably I will try to make it official.
2. When I was 6 my dream occupation when I would be grown up was "house wife" - and actually I still dream about being WAHM. Or fine artist.
3. My beloved place in Poland is Cieszyn - on the Czech-Polish border at the banks of Olza river, small - only 40 thousands of inhabitants - but very beautiful town. I lived there few years and I met Adam there - (xoxo Big Foot anyway). On the other hand my dream city is London - and I do not know what to do with such contradiction in myself.
4. I draw, paint, make softies since I was 7 (which means almost 30 years). The only thing I've never tryed was sculpture. My biggest success as an illustrator was -just once - a catalogue for a puppet theatre. Being social anthropologist has good sides too, but I like drawing :)
5. I love black and white in everything - interior design, graphics, furniture, clothing. Orange and turquoise are very necessary additions to this base.
6. I cry watching cartoon movies: "Lilo and Stitch" "Lion King" "Nemo" and - worst to stay calm of all - "Bambi". (Now I've noticed that all these stories are about orphaned children, that explains a lot) Ada will be surprised seeing me sobbing....Adam, while we were watching "Nemo"together, had been VERY surprised - I was weeping!
7. I'm addicted to flickr , reading my favourite bloggers (see my blogroll) and watching sites dedicated to softies.

I hope they won't have anything against being tagged:
Sion from cuteable and ubiki
Sara from saracolorido
Florence from "Windbag and Thunder
lowekrowe alias Maciek Blazniak
Hodowcy Zabawek
Ewa and Michal from Konsorcjum Rapacholin
Geninne from Geninne's Art Blog


Maciek said...

dzięki za zaproszenie do zabawy łobuzie :) aczkolwiek mam nadzieję, że jeśli nie wywiążę się z zadania to nie będę skazany na 7 lat nieszczęść (jak to bywa w przypadku łańcuszków) ;) mam na głowie pracę magisterską.. a niech to!

Konsorcjum Rapacholin said...

It's an honour to be in such a lovely company!
Aluś - thanks to one of Your favourite blogs (I mean angels at my table) I found something amazing for our attic (we want to include a part of it to our apartment - a special place for ideal workshop)! I love Scandinavs too:)

Swirlyarts said...

Sion isn't at Cuteable any more but I don't mind doing 7 random things on Cuteable! Lynsey

Net said...

I'm not surprised that you cry at Bambi, I think everyone does! Thanks for sharing.

I love your softies!

Anonymous said...

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