Tuesday, 6 November 2007

My countrymen

After the Parliament voting I fell so much warmer feelings for my countrymen than before and proud of my countrymen again. And that reminds me that I haven't dedicate any room here for my flickr friends yet! And some Polish Etsyians too! So let's start - today few samples of talents from Poland . They are mostly involved in soft toys making, and other applied arts.
As for the voting - Maciek Blaźniak alias lowekrowe - have made a great banner advertising citizen's duty to vote. The motto is: "it's cool to have a voice"
Maciek's illustrations, inspired - according to his very own words - by Czech and Slovak old school pictures and old American children magazines, show very special sence of humour, like in this one - the clue is (information for foreigners only) that "Mr Kitty was sick" is an illustration to old fashioned Polish nursery rhyme...or this one - with a carrot monster. I hope more such illustrations would be edited in books for children currently! Ania Jedrzychowska aka mumka is on of my favourite soft pals makers. And this is Guillermo,
one of mumka's most recent creations. Ania is one of my countrymen (countrygirl?), very tallented, young teddy bear artist. I think her works stand any comparison with decided fames among teddy bears artists.
This cute teddy bear named Sprinkle in obviously Christmas outfit is her entry for 2007 Holiday Softie Awards and you can vote for it in Top 5 Animals Dressed for Holidays category More of her works you can find here .
Olga Kost and Krakart though she's not a toy maker she creates fairlytale paintings, like this fish and many others.
Asia Gromek aka tofu.girl is crochet toys artist from the Baltic coast. Her works are funny, witty,
little bit contrary, and ironic
but most of all - they are good craft toys. I can not decide which one of her critters I like the most - they all have very unique personalities.

Ania Polaczek aka Ida Borejko makes jewellery that is available at her here - I love turqoise! so I picked these earrings
Pasiasty Ludz - another flickr friend, is a girl who makes sweet and lovely ATC cards - some of them are still available ! My random selection are these:
and beautiful goodies like this notecard that she makes
Although we have a November, we can expect snow anytime - actually, snow in November is very common and does not mean it's gonna stay whole winter. For I LOVE White Christmas, I hope to put the spell on the weather to be like this on Janusz Leszczyński's photograph of winter What would advertise Poland better than nature, landscapes and Baltic gold! Amber is not just beautiful, it's very unique, healthy and has some magic inside (and I do not mean inclusions). Keram is an Etsy art gallery specialized in amber and tiffany stained glass. This necklase looks gorgeous - especially for those loving bold neck decoration . For those who love more traditionally looking jewellery this amber pendant would be even better.And to finish Polish post with international accent - I've found funny, simple and intriguing piece of paper art (one of my favourite subjects during my cooperation with World Crafts Council Polska) that shows Cracow Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) scuplted in 10 zloty -Polish bill - by nickolya . The author is not Polish unfortunately, but this item corresponds with my today post theme well. Does it look like beautiful adverstisement? For me it does.


macati said...

so cooooool!

Maciek said...

dziękuję za wzmiankę :) (popraw literówkę w moim nazwisku) :F


Aloutka said...

ups :) poprawiłam

Camilla said...

This is a great list of people to check out- I love Asia Gromek's toys.

Anna said...

dlugo zastanawialam sie czy pisac po polsku czy angielsku X) ale ze pisze do Ciebie... ;) Dzieki bardzo za sliczna notke! Odwdzieczylabym Ci sie gdybym miala gdzie ;) W kazdym badz razie bardzo fajny pomysl, mam nadzieje, ze znajdziesz wiecej takich ludzi w Polsce :)

pasiakowa said...

O jejku! O jejku!
Zatkało mnie :) Dziękuję! :*

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