Sunday, 11 November 2007

b-day and travelling with sheep

November 7 was my b-day. I turned 34! Amazing. And it was my b - like busy-day, as every Wednesday during the academic year. day of leaving home to travel Torun. Fortunately I had few minutes to upload new photos :) and to add new plushies to my shop : Hania and Hyacinth. Hyacinth is a girl who loves to dress up. She believes herself to be the best dressed sheep ever lived, well - you decide if she's right. And she tells everybody to clean their shoes before entering the house. She loves to keep all the house clean and tidy - perfect housewife, I suppose. But exept this little idiosyncrasy she's very nice and friendly creature. All she needs is ten compliments a day (at least!), some delicious hay and piece of salt once a week, and strong tea each morning and afternoon.
Her best friend is teddy bear named Lizette.
Hania was another sheep added this day. She's not completely newbie here for I posted photos of her in a witch dress . She is fine artist, her field is painting and graphics. As many artist she loves to wear black - this colour helps to concentrate and to focus on your goals. But her everyday suit is rather casual - like this white shawl - handmade by her. Hania's goal is to have a one-man show in MOMA and to have as large family as possible - she can adopt you too!
She's a master cook: you have to taste her leek soup, or tomato sause, or apple pie.... wonderful!
Together they look lovely, too. This time I took sheep with me for Kasia aka stasinina to chose one of them. Luckily, the tram was not crouded and they had a bench for themselves. Almost - our companion was travelling to Torun too, to join the army and sheep were listening his story with astonishment - they wouldn't join army for any reason!To make our long trip shorter, we chatted with co-traveller, and girls were posing me - instead of getting bored :) it gave us some occupation for a while. They were very sweet while travelling all night long: Hyacinth , Biba , Hermione , Fanny and Hania

I couldn't take them for lectures, unfortunately - I think my students would think that I'm crazy and it's not the communicate I'd like. So they were spending their time together in hotel at first, but in the evening we went out - to meet my friends. They liked the company very much, but didn't want me to photograph them in a venue decorated with a sheep head (sic!) and other animal heads... Friday afternoon, after two days of work, we had some time to chat and to have fun together (well, maybe it was not the greatest fun they had, but the only fun possible in university study :) ). Biba was quite interested how my students are working and she was checking one student's book. But she won't say a word about it - I'm confident about her discretion.
For having some spare time before leaving Torun, we decided to look how are our favourite bloggers and what's new at blogs. And we've found a touching, based on true incident, story about lost Little Cotton Rabbit . All sheep were moved to tears - they were sniffing and sobbing quietly actually - I haven't known they have so soft hearts! At first they cryed for scare that the same could happen to them, but at the end - for the happy ending!
In the end they declared they want to be heroines of a book and they want me to write it. Sooon! Hm... I have to think about it - I said, but they said - beeeeh, beeeh, do not think - act!

But soon we had to hug and kiss for goodbye. The girls knew why I took them to Torun - that one of them will go for adoption. And I shed a tear actually, thinking about separating with any one them. I though that Hyacinth would be the one. And she was! Knowing she has great fun with a new little girl who adopted her doesn't change a thing that I miss her. Good bye and take care, darling!

I had too many things in my tote bag - books, notebooks, and this small flock. But I knew there will be less sheep in my tote very soon...


pasiakowa said...

Najlepszeeeegooo! :)
Nie kończących się pluszowych pomysłów, kolorowych dni i dużo zdrówka :)

macati said...

your new banner is soooo great! love it!