Monday, 15 October 2007

Too much apetite for toys

I want to spend more time with my baby, I want to improve my lectures, I want to write TWO articles, I want to be prepared for the anthropological conference in December, I want to make editing job for a book, I want to have some sleep and rest, I want to make more softies - I have so many ideas that blow my head.... Too much apetite for all these things makes me frustrated almost, ehm. And, oh yes, I want to have more toys in my etsy shop and beautiful, eyecatching banner (that's the newest version, and I've changed my avatar also) and I want my shop to be popular (thank you all dear souls who add my to your "favourite shop" selection :) ). But all these things need time, and commintment and hard work. OMG, so much work! I should quit university! But I won't.

Ok, stop complaining: Ada and work are my priorities :) the rest has to wait.

So, during my last travel North (which is my only time I can spend on sewing without any remorse) I've made another plushie: Hermione, the puppeter.
And her puppet - the dragon, and her toy - panda. Panda's name is Arnold, because he's rather chubby and looks strong enough to fight anybody - just like Arnold S. :) For humans, the puppet is rather finger puppet. Don't understimate his power - he just looks shy and silly, but watch carefully his big nostrils - any moment can blow fire, and fangs... Do I have to remind you what dragon fangs are for? Of course, drawstring bag needed an improvement also (am I perfectionist?) - I changed red ribbon into decorating black string and it looks much better, and classy. Embroidery with a black cotton thread, chain stitch.
More sheeps are to come soon.
I baught safety eyes recently, because I've noticed that some toys need to have their eyes opened and blinking some intelligence. And you know what - I found only one- O N E safety eyes producer! For now I'll make softies in two versions: with eyes embroidered - for the small people, and with safety eyes - for grownups.
And, yoohooo, I can't wait for the parcel from superbuzzy ! I bought some wonderful fabrics to trim my softies ears and drawstring bags, and I pitty this cute shoppe with adorable Japanese fabrics, accessories and fun stuff is located in USA which means far from here and extremely expensive shippment :(
They should have their shop in Europe, too! :)

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