Sunday, 28 October 2007

Custom Order - Uma Meditating Toy Sheep

I decided to make some improvements in the drawstring bags - to add a "lalootka" label. As usual, even the label is handmade - drawn with a laundry marker.
But I also had to make Uma - Meditating Sheep Toy. It was a custom order from my old friend, Kasia, who was my classmate in secondary school and now, absolutely coincidently, lives and works in Torun (!), preparing her PhD dissertation. She wanted a special birthday gift for a special young lady, her children's friend. We discussed about New Age type of a sheep, then I've made Uma -
But Uma is nice and warm sheep - typical child of the Age of Aquarius. She wants everyone to be happy and to search inner self. For this she meditates (so far, the beginner) together with her bunny, Ferdinand. I've made a pillow for her, using my newest Japanese fabric with a sheepherder. Pillow is very useful for the beginners in meditating, to sit on, or to take a nap afterwords. She's a rentier - inherited lots of money - so she's not interested in job, so far.
For Uma is also interested in New Age religions, she's became an apprentice in Wicca . Pentagram and the shower of blessings above the embroidered sheep is for that reason.Kasia, who seems to like things hanmade (she's art historian) and connected with feminine power also, decided to buy my toy . And she did! Thank you, my second customer :)

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Corinne said...

Too cute your sheep !