Tuesday, 16 October 2007

lalootka promo

For some occasions, which means some promotion, I need a square banner, so I took a challenge, and made an orange version that corresponds with my my shop and handmade revolution in general, and that's the result. I love orange - it's so vibrant , young, and warm colour. It matches perfectly with the colour of my hair :) and I use it for the lalootka tags and - together with blue - trim of gift wrapped toys. (I'vejust realized I have to make a new photograph of the tags - for now my logo looks more like a peacock feather than a flower, like it used to look) But please remember I am not a graphic designer! I just wanted to make as funny and bright banner as possible for me in these circumstances (I don't have a tablet, for instance and I made few of the characters above with a mouse in my hand...) to present lalootka softies - did I succeed? This black "something" that looks like a chandelier is not just a decoration - it reflects my folk inpirations, heheh :) But version with a chandelier is fine, too :) OK, it can stand for the draft, I agree :(

When few months ago I was discussing with my mother (who has been the dean of graphic department at private academy then) which graphic designer we know would make a banner for me, logo, business cards and so on, and she'd said that I could make it all by myself for sure. Well, it seems that parents are always right :P

And, what is even more important than the former conclusion: propably I'll need some promotional materials and SOFTIES soon. Adam, my
kazawaproject husband in spe asked me to participate in December Craft Fair, in Poznan. And to take my toys and his ear-rings, of course. I have to think about it - opportunity to promote my stuff is perfect, but will I have enough supply? Well, today is Tuesday already, and in the early evening I will go to Lodz by train - which means few hours of undisturbed (apart from missing Ada) bliss of sewing, let's hope. And I'll think about it.


belinha said...

It looks great!!I also like orange very much!I like to wear -imagine!!-orange and red!!!!!!!In winter!!!It keeps me warmer than the usual black,grey,brown that most people enjoy to wear...:-)

trinlayk said...

you are TOO a Graphic Designer... must be inherited ! :D

kawaii crafter said...

I think your banners look great! Love those little tags as well.