Tuesday, 23 October 2007

thank you, flickr friends, for suggestions :)

Following some advise and suggestions from my flickr friends I've made some (according to me) improvements into my my shop banner and promotional square banner. I just changed the font and the size for more visible, I hope. For me it looks much better now - so thank you, all supportive gals :)
When it has the word "toys" writen in simple, and modern look (no sherifs) it's much, much better.
And when I develop myself in this businness - I'll change the banner each month, hahah, joking.
But I'm still wainting Indie Designer Labels to publish my banner - they say it can take a month. If I made it all right - I mean the size of a banner, I should be there in November, I hope! Among MaharDry Goods , Fluffels and But We Love You toys.

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