Wednesday, 12 September 2007

fresh finds - design for children

Tissue pom-poms remind me peonies - one of my favourite flowers and I believe they can amazingly decorate any nursery room - or any room. Children would love these fluffy pom-poms on their birthday parties. I've learned recently that Martha Stewart is almost an institution - she knows everything about the housekeeping and decorating, or if she doesn't she know who does. Then full instruction is here . These flowers are a little bit kitchy but all charm lies there.
L is for Litter A L O O T K A
Though it is not design - or very strange one - it was funny thing to Spell with flickr - the word about this programm is spreading the world. (As always - one can find ANYTHING in flickr!) Word "lalootka" seems to be much too long (for a blog) but looks interesting anyway. If you don't like the shape of the letter chosen by programm, you can click for another one, and another, untill you like it. More or less, I like "lalootka" in this shape.
But I was going to write something about my fresh finds. They are few Polish toy companies. Like Gepetto - toys with soul, as they describe themselves. They have a lot of kinds wooden vehicles and rocking horses (not always horses, actually, sometimes sheep), all nicely designed, meeting children safety standards, are painted with watersoluble paints, all with CE and TUV certificates.

My favourite item is zebra vehicle, but there are many others: pigs, dragons, dogs, ducks - all collected in pdf catalogue.
If you want to see toys other than wooden - puppets, spinning tops, pushing toys, toys on wheels, turning houses, theatres and lots more - you must visit Kalimba an online shop of Natka Luniak. She founded toy company, now expanding, with a caffeterie Kofifi, and children friendly ideology. She also designes children furniture. If you visit this site, you can listen to the sounds of kalimba - an African instrument that brought name to the company.
If you speak (or read) Polish, visiting Wy!twórnia is your must-do. It's one of the most interesting publishers of children books currently. They re-published "Baśń o królu Dardanelu"
(Tale of King Dardanel) - with Janusz Stanny illustrations - and it's children's book evergreen. The company was established by two women not satisfied with common children books production. And, as for me, it was the perfect step. They publish books with beautiful illustrations, classic illustrations, modern also, finely designed, wise and - well, these books teach children what a good design means. The more such companies, the better.
Another children friendly company is endo . Originality of this clothing company lies in the quality of materials, good finishing, detailed prints of funny characters
and the variety of products: clothes for children, wonderful teddy bears

- and clothes for them also,

books (they publish books about Maisy ! - Ada and I we are great fans of Maisy)
And if we are speaking of Maisy - the simplicity of the outlines, brighness of colours and humour of this character are very very special. I'm not surprised that Lucy Cousins has her books printed in millions of copies around the world.
And now - Polish design of furniture for children. Meblik is a producer of quite pleasant furniture for any toddler or children. Various designs, friendly colours, quality. They are not especially sophisticated, modern of posh but look pleasantly.
Baby Vox present a wide range of furniture for children. Most of them are rather classic designs, like this presented below - Alice (which I chose for its name)
This collection was cooproduced with Pottery Barn Kids , well known for their beddings, accessories, furniture, decor and many more items - all inspiring for parents, children, and furniture designers. Pottery Barn Kids are not Polish company, of course. I like the fabric dolls they present. Very much in my fashion.
And I'm back with soft toys! As always - it's (exept my daughter ) my favourite subject recently. I even though of buying Ada a Maisy in softie form
but for now - while I am away, in Torun, she is quite happy with her twin sheep. Production - lalootka. Photographs of sheep - soon.


Didixi said...

I love your blog... Nice toys, made with heart...

jac said...

I love your blog as well! I love the baby's room with the circles! What a great idea! So colorful!