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do two sheep make a flock?

two sheep make a flock?
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At last I'm starting an etsy shop. CUDDLY FLOCK to present various creatures that are part of it. Not just sheep, actually. Though I have really large flock of sheep and lambs - they are still WIP (registration of new students, and exams do not help in preparing stock). But I'm happy to start at all! Slowly I will add new items. And add new photographs to show my flock better. Lots of work to do! I'm starting to look forward my every week travelling to Torun, hahah. For first three buyers - shippment free - does it sound interesting? All items will go with a cotton bag (I saw once such a bag in Japanese pattern book and I love it) and with a certificate of origin. And with tags. Now I see that the idea of the shop and me making softies looks more and more detailed. I'm working on a mascot that will represent me.
And I made a banner.

The banner is small and simple, maybe too simple, but I can always improve it! Or remove and make another one! But I made it myself, and for I am not experienced in Photoshop, I should be satisfied for my first time graphic design - the original version looked like this:
It was too large (mx. 750 x 100 pixels) photography of catroons cut out of paper on cardboard, so I replaced monkey and moved deer into the gap. And then it started - I thought it should be brighter, and then more contrast.... It was fun!
I took the manual and did my best - for now. Well, anyway it's lighter :D

But few words about my sheep. They both belong to the group: "Sheep of the world, unite!". The white sheep is Fanny. She is very independent individual. She accentuates her individuality by decision of homeschooling (whomever will adopt her - be prepared then!) and keeping silence every Thursday (don't ask me why Thursdays). She'd like to have smaller nose.
She loves everything traditional Japanese: from food to design, from theatre to amigurumi. Don't be surprised if you see her late at night watching "Ghost in the Shell" or "Spirited Away", and eating soba noodles with broccoli (well, broccoli are fine and she won't resign of them). Her companion's name is Jules.

She was trying to cover her nose with a teddy bear.... The black sheep is Biba, named after 60ties fashion designer. Biba is a preschooler sheep with a strong desire to become a pilot when she grows up. She's already started learning meteorology and astronomy.
She likes to eat spinach, and tofu. And chocolate candies. Biba loves everything black and more possible is that she'll become a fashion victim or designer herself than a pilot. But who knows? I need to be more supportive for her, I believe.

Sheep are made of polar fleece and cotton, 17 cm (6,6" ) and almost the same size from ear to ear. Their teddy bears are made of wool felt - 5 cm (2" ) tall.
And the last photograph - it's the only photo of my recent custom order - a quilt/tapestry for a baptized child (it was meant to be a gift from his godmother). It was definately LAST MINUTE order, so I made this quilt in such a hurry that I forgot to take a picture! Anyway - on the cotton printed in clouds I made felt letters (seen below, the child is half Canadian half Polish so the names reflect it), and all the edges were decorated with felt angels, children and animals. Cream cotton fabric on back, red thread trim on the edges. I put ribbons on the corners to hang it. Packaged nicely in a box decorated with my characters. As I heard everybody loved it - it was so nice to hear!
I hope I will have an opportunity to take a photograph of this work.
P.S. I had a funny thought: two years ago I made a PhD about the names and tradition of naming (among the other things), and now I make tapestry with names. Second thought was: bringing up the child is worth PhD also :)

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